05 February 2009

A Greater Love

We did infant massage with Petros tonight.

Travis did the massaging as I read the instructions softly. I cried as I watched Travis gently rub each finger and toe. I can't believe this amazing journey God has started us on. Petros looked up at us as we spoke softly to him and kissed his head. He lay still as Travis' big strong hands went down his sides and across his back. He was so calm. It was such a gift to watch Travis be a loving and gentle daddy. Thank you God for this incredible blessing.

Here is another picture of our sweet boy.


  1. Ok... yeah you definitely just made me cry. So sweet.

  2. ok, i am going to confess that i first read this and thought "instant message? with your baby?" yeah, it is late and i need to take my contacts out. but there is nothing that will make you fall in love with your hubby all over again that to watch him be a sweet daddy to your baby!!

  3. that is so sweet. what a cutie. we miss you guys. hope that the adjustment is going well. our two year old is sick so we are still adjusting a bit.