28 February 2009

He's Amazing

I wanted to post a quick update to share a little about Petros' adjustment.

He is sleeping through the night for the most part now. He's had a couple of rough nights lately but don't we as adults have difficult nights of sleep for one reason or another? Maybe we become too warm and can't get back to sleep, maybe we have a nightmare and wake up out of sorts. So, I'm not concerned with him waking up occasionally.

He is changing so fast! When he came home he needed assistance sitting up but can now, for the most part, sit on his own. He also could only roll to one side but now is rolling both ways. He lifts his chest completely off the floor using his arms and can occasionally bring his one knee up. He turns his body 180 degrees if he wants a toy that is near him.

It amazes me how he studies things. HH told us that he is a very observant baby and concentrates a great deal. Does he ever?! He'll hold the same toy for about 10 - 15 minutes and look at it, talk to it, turn it around, and shift it from hand to hand. His head control amazes me and he turns to see where sounds come from.

He Has definitely found more of his voice too. He used to make this aaaahhhhh sound all the time and now he say uuummmm, oooohhhh, etc. He also makes tons of raspberries (which can be a little inconvenient during feeding time - but still way cute). I think this is really something given that he heard a completely different language for the first 6 months of his life.

We have also entered the world of solids! Yup. So far he has enjoyed the yummy taste of squash, oatmeal, applesauce, peas, pears, and sweet potatoes.
We see two little spots on his lower gums where I assume his teeth will come in. Let me tell you, he certainly lives up to his nickname "King Of The Droolids"!

He loves to look at books! He will study the pages and laugh at stories. His favorite books right now are "The Grapes Of Wrath", "Pride and Prejudice"....just kidding....he loves Barnyard Dance and The Nose Book.

I look at him everyday and am amazed at God's gift to us. I have never seen a more beautiful baby...honestly (no offense to you other moms out there) ;)

And now...Pictures!!!


  1. Way to go, Mama! Sounds like you're both doing well! You forgot to mention that he's getting cuter every day...

    And Barnyard Dance beats out Grapes of Wrath any day!

  2. He really does have the most beautiful face. Loved the picture of him in the moby!

  3. Happy to hear that everything is going well!

  4. I've looked at probably a hundred Ethiopia-related adoption blogs and NONE of them have a name as clever as Addus aBaby! Wish I'd thought of it.

    Oh, yeah...my name's Eli, PAF from Portland, OR. Nice to meet you.