18 February 2009

He's Totally Our Son!

Just now, when I was changing Petros' diaper, he farted.
Then laughed at himself.
Yup, he's our people.
His new nicknames are now Farty McFartsalot and King of the Droolids.

Here are some unrelated pics (I think farts are invisible anyway which would definitely make a photo difficult):
This one was taken our third day with Petros.

We have this next picture on Facebook, but just in case you're not on Facebook here it is! I don't know why the modeling agencies aren't calling us. ;)


  1. Love the pictures!! You are such a great Mom.

    I am on facebook too. I can't remember your last name, but my name is Tisha Hubbard Alexander, if you get a chance to look me up on there!