15 February 2009

Oh The Cuteness!

I think we have a routine going here...I hesitate to let those words leave my mouth for fear the entire house will spontaneously combust. Here's how our days have been going:

Wake up: 7:30 (after a 4am wake up and then put back to sleep)
Bottle: 7:45
Oatmeal: 8:30
Nap: 10:30-11:30 or 12:00
Bottle: 11:45 or 12:00
Play and What Not: Until 3pm
Nap: 3:00-4:00
Bottle/Dinner (squash right now): 4:30
Play and What Not: 5:00-7:00
Bedtime Routine Begins: 7:00 (This includes bath, massage with lotion, pjs, bottle, then story...if he's still awake that is)
Sleepytime: 8:00

Who knows how long this feeling of finally being in control will last. I'm not holding my breath. The boy is pure joy and here is a picture of my favorite part of bedtime routine:

Now I'm off to bed to rest up for that 4am waking (hopefully these will not last long).


  1. Wow, you're way ahead of us, we have yet to get any sort of schedule except bed time of 7:30-8. I hope to have some structure soon:)

  2. Okay, I LOVE the hair!!! One little tuff on the top of the head...complete cuteness!