17 February 2009


What routine?

I didn't mention anything about a routine in my previous post.

Nope. Not me.

I would never do that because I'd know better - that as soon as I'd say we have a routine, Petros would decide to sleep completely through the night and then go down for a 9:30 am nap the next morning.

BTW, kudos to the Pampers company. Who knew something that thin could hold that much pee for 10 1/2 hours without leaking. I'm not sure what kind of chemical allows that to be the case but I'm not asking any questions...AND I'M CERTAINLY NOT GOING TO SAY WE HAVEN'T HAD A PEE LEAK YET BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SPEAK TOO SOON, DON'T WE?


  1. ok now i gotta know what pampers are you using? We have a box of cruisers but I have heard good things about the baby dry so i was thinking about making an exchange

  2. Yay for no leaks and double yay for sleeping through the night! You are a good mama!!! I'm so glad you're posting so often and giving me some insight into my future. Hehe. You are doing a great job!

  3. HAHA have you not been to babies r us... a whole assortment of diffent pampers, swaddlers, cruisers,baby dry...etc etc. Since you seem to like the baby dry i think i am gonna make that exchange..besides ya get more diapers in the box of baby dries for the same price as the cruisers.

  4. Just think you were going to use reuseable diapers.
    Lidya has gotten up at 4:30 the past 3 nights. I really don't want her to get up then because it only gives me a couple more hours to sleep. NOt sure how I should try to change this wake-up time.

    You are doing so good. Your a great mom. Miss ya.

  5. That is the good kind of speak too soon. When ever I do that it ends up like my night last night. My two kids were tag teaming me and I ended up with 3 hrs of sleep.