07 March 2009

Family Bonding With Guns 'N' Roses

We have our TV in our basement and usually do all our hanging out in the living room upstairs. I really like this set up because we rarely watch TV and enjoy each other with few distractions. Never mind the fact that I want Petros to watch as little TV as possible - at least for as long as we can maintain that.

So this morning we all got up, had coffee (not Petros), and breakfast. We were listening to XM radio on line - the 80's station. Travis and I some how got to talking about our favorite videos on MTV (when it was actually good). I told him that I love the wedding dress in the Guns 'N' Roses video, "November Rain". It just always stuck with me, the fact that you can see the garter on her leg. Isn't that supposed to be hidden under the dress??

Well, with all this talk we had to look the video up on YouTube and watch it. Petros was on my lap and had his first dose of TV.

Was it wholesome Dora? Veggie Tales?


A Guns 'N' Roses video. Oh yeah, that's how we roll around here.

So, go ahead. Make your judgements. And while you're at it, anyone have a clue as to how she dies in the video? Travis' theory is that she was killed while everyone was running frantically from the rain (why??). I think she knew she was dying before they got married hence her forlorn look on their wedding day.

Please, go look at the video and tell me what you think.

Then go to church and ask for forgiveness.


  1. Y'all totally crack me up!! Gotta love some GNR!! I assure you by the time you have #3, he will watch Dora, Bob the Builder, or whatever else you have on to keep the older ones from killing each other while you make dinner! Grace Caroline (our #1) didn't watch ANY until 6 months, and then it was Baby Beethoven or something like that. I don't think Sam has seen anything age-appropriate yet!

  2. Hey Sunny! This is Wendy, who used to teach music at Freemansburg. Someone (I completely forget who) told me about your blog, and I've loved reading your entries and seeing pictures of Petros. He's adorable!

    Anyway...this blog intrigued me so I went and watched the video. At the end it says based on a story by Del James called "Without You". So, of course I had to google that, and you can find this short story online. It didn't seem to make much of a correlation, but, in the story the girl kills herself because of a song the rock star wrote about their relationship. Yeah...didn't get that from the video, either!

    Hope all is well!

  3. My theory about why she looks so forlorn? Did you get a look at the groom? I imagine the days preceeding the wedding were full of pleadings like, "Can't you just get a trim please? Get rid of the dead ends at least? And promise me that Slash WILL NOT be smoking DURING the weddding, PLEASE!!!" I actually went to a wedding about 5 years ago where the bride came down the aisle to this song. As the song says, "Nothing last forever.." and I know for a fact that that marriage didn't! Thanks for the funny flashback!