22 March 2009

Super Quick Update...Because, Hey, We're Busy!

Travis and Petros are napping upstairs and I have about 5 minutes to type before I go get the little guy.

Petros laughs. A lot. He laughs at funny sounds, me walking into the room, diaper changes. You name it, he'll laugh at it. I love his gummy smile. I acutally licked his head the other day because I can't get enough of him. Weird huh? Maybe not.

He is doing so well. Babbles and coos almost constantly and loves to listen to stories! Travis read about 5 books to him yesterday and he sat snuggled up to daddy through each of them.

Saturday morning, Petros woke up at 5:30 and Travis had left the house to give my dad a ride to the train station in Philly. I quickly realized the reason for his early wake up: a leaky diaper. His pjs were soaked through and so I changed him and put new ones on. Then I wanted to snuggle and sleep some more so I brought him downstairs and we slept together on the couch.

Now, you might not think this is such a big deal but let me tell you why you'd be wrong. Petros has been bonding to us just fine. The only thing I've been concerned about is eye contact while holding chest to chest and snuggling. He is almost 8 months old so he likes to move around quite a bit. But, I knew in my heart that his lap-restlessness was probably due to not quite cozying up to us yet. Well, he slep on my chest until 7am. I felt him move on me but didn't open my eyes. I wanted to see what he'd do. He reached out his hand and touched my face. Then smacked me ( I guess he wanted me to wake up) =). I opened my eyes and he began to kick his legs and wave his arms. He was ecstatic! I wondered what would happen if I rolled over and placed him between the couch cushion and me for some snuggle time. Well, he gazed into my eyes over and over again. He nuzzled into me and we connected more deeply than ever! He laid like that with me for about 15 minutes (pretty darn good for an almost 8 month old).

When Travis came home from taking my dad we both played with Petros and then Travis scooped him up and placed him next to his side. Petros immediately snuggled up to Travis and pushed his face into his side. PRECIOUS! He then stayed like that until Travis had read him about 4 or 5 stories.

Petros is dreamy. I call him my boyfriend. I lay with him. Kiss him. Snuggle with him. He has captured my heart and I personally hope he becomes quite the mama's boy. That would be just fine with me!

Time to go wake him up! Yay!!!


  1. That sounds wonderful, Sunny! So happy for you!

  2. Oh, Sunny! What a perfect post! I am so glad that he is a giggler and that he is happy. And I love the story time and I hope and pray that I have a snuggler, too! I am so happy for your little family! ooooh, and I will definitely have myself a new little boyfriend, too. yay!

  3. That brought tears to my eyes..I call my boys my "boyfriends"..They are so just that!! I love how you guys have bonded..it is so sweet!! Thanks for your sweet comment..I truly appreciate your kindness...My baby boy (23 months) is a snuggler too..but not for long and he's on the run...I can't wait to get our new baby so I can have a snuggle buddy again :)You guys are adorable, kristi