01 April 2009

A Note From The Rookie Mom

I know all you veteran moms and moms of more than one kid are going to kill me for this post.

But, here goes anyway:

Petros has an upper respiratory thingy that has given him a fever for the last couple of days. Doctor says it's fine and will run it's course but it's making ME batty. Petros doesn't cry too often - yesterday was bad and he just snuggled into me. Every time I put him down to...oh...let's say...pee, he screamed.

I've gotten roughly 4 1/2 hours of sleep for the last two nights and when I woke up this morning I poured my coffee into Petros' cereal and my creamer into an empty coffee mug.

On top of all that, last night I actually left the house in "lounge" pants and a shirt to pick up a pizza. Both were spotted with baby food, baby snot, and, well I'm not sure what that other thing was.

What a sex kitten I am.

Sorry all you pros out there, but I'm new to this and man is it hard!

ps. I've gotten into the habit of bringing Petros into bed with me in the mornings. He's just so cute. We sleep a little while longer and he usually wakes up first ;). But when he does, he touches my face and lifts his head to suck my chin. So adorable. Do I miss my sleep? Of course. Who wouldn't?? Do I miss being able to wear a clean shirt for more than an hour ? Of course. BUT IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!!


  1. any veteran mom feels your pain. it IS hard. i firmly believe that one child sucks up all your time and energy just the way 3 kids do. of course, they also fill your heart. :)

    sorry about the sleeplessness, snot, lounge pants in public, and coffee in the cereal. it's not a job for the faint of heart, huh?

    what a funny and sweet post about real life as a mom.

  2. At least your sense of humor is still in tact, you hot little sex pot, you! : )

  3. soooo, are you saying it is a bad thing to go out in pj pants and barfed on clothes in public??? girl, you are wearing your official mommy UNIFORM! welcome to the ranks!!! :)