02 April 2009

What Part Of The Chicken Was That?!

So, we took Petros to the Dr. today because he's had three days of fever and he seemed pretty lethargic. Doc said he's okay and that a heavy duty cold will do that to ya.

We ended up grabbing lunch at McDonalds because it's on the way home from the office and is convenient. Also, watching "Supersize Me" just wasn't enough of a detterant to keep me away from fried yumminess.

I got nuggets, Travis got something from the dessert food group, and Petros; well, he just sucked on his drool.

This was the conversation as we ate and drove home:

Me: You couldn't pay me enough to live in ________. Well, maybe you could. Because I would just save up all the money and then move away.

Travis: You're a freak.

Me: (biting into a nugget) You know you love me. crunch, moosh, ugh Oh man, what part of the chicken was that?!

Travis: (laughing) The beak?

Me: Shutup.

Travis: No seriously. The ear?

Me: Do Chickens even have ears??

Travis: No, they hear out of their eyeballs.

Me: They do not!!....do they??

Travis: Yes they do.

Me: Seriously. What did I just bite on?

Travis: I don't know. That's why I got ice cream. Maybe it was a knee cap.

Me: You're a butt.

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  1. After the "fingernail" incident, I'm always scared to read these posts! You two are so funny!