03 August 2009

One Year Old!

Well, all the denial in the world couldn't stop time from ticking away and this past Friday my precious babe turned 1.

I'm not quite sure how to put into words just how much Petros has changed us and made us better people. He draws attention where ever he goes and we cannot go on one outing, no matter how small, without people stopping us to talk to him and tell us how beautiful he is.

We are blessed beyond words and are ready for number 2. That's right folks. Our adoption agency requires families to wait 9 months from the time they come home from the last adoption to start the process again and that's November for us. We are ecstatic with the family we have now and can't wait to see what God has for us on this next adventure. We are requesting a boy because I just can't get enough of the messes, energy, noise, and did I mention messes??

Anyway, here are 12 things we adore about you baby Petros (I'll try not to cry):

1. The way you wake up every morning babbling and talking up a storm.

2. The way you throw your arms around us when we lift you out of the crib and then suck on our faces with all your strength.

3. The way you say "mamma" and then smile and look me in the eyes while I'm rocking you to sleep.

4. Your kissy face:

5. The way you use your walking toy and then always turn around with a smile to get some applause.

6. Your one upper tooth (three more on the way...AT THE SAME TIME).

7. The way you laugh and fall face first into the carpet when I'm chasing you in the living room.

8. The way you smack your lips when you see your bottle coming towards your mouth.

9. The smell of your sweet baby breath.

10. The way you drop things on purpose and then lift your arms to say, "Where did it go?"

11. The way you race to my lap, panting, when I say, "Snuggle up for story time".

12. I love how you snort when you laugh, just like mommy (God really does have a sense of humor)
Thank you God, thank you for the blessing of our son.
Happy Birthday Petros!!


  1. already planning for another?! yay!! SO exciting!! i LOVE his lips!!

  2. Thanks for visiting our adoption blog. I'm looking forward to hearing more info about AT since I haven't read much to date. THanks!

  3. what a cute little guy! and beautiful skin! thanks for the comment on my blog. people's encouragement is just more validation for me to do it. i guess if you do decide to homeschool, i'll have a couple years of practice by then and maybe some tips!

  4. Oh my God, I saw this at work and it was
    Sooooo Hard not to cry. What a beautiful little boy!!!! God bless you and your family.

  5. That is the sweetest kissy face ever! What a doll!

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  7. I love what you wrote about your son. I was specifically looking up adoptions when I found your site. I am so impressed that I included you in a recent posting. All the best to your family. I will be back.