30 July 2010

Potty Bag

My pathetic first attempt at potty training Petros. Well, it's technically not pathetic yet since it just started. But I have my doubts about it's success. Because, well, I don't know what the higgety heck I'm doin' here folks!

Here is my thinking behind the Potty Bag...what's that? You want to know what it is? Sorry. I got ahead of myself. The potty bag is a ziploc bag with a string attached. The bag goes in his pants and the opening gets duct taped to his butt cheeks.

HA!!!! Just kidding. Cruel joke? I know. I'm awful aren't I. Oh well, I thought it was funny.

Okay. In all seriousness, the potty bag is a special plastic little tote that holds a hand towel (chosen by Petros) and some kiddie soap (also chosen by Petros). Whenever Petros asks to use the potty he gets to carry this little tote to the bathroom and after he sits on the potty, he gets to wash his hands and use the nice towel. Now, we have a kiddie potty in his room and in our living room. If he asks to use either of those we will go get the tote also.

I know I may be looking at a lot of trips to the potty. But, that's the point isn't it??? Because one of those times must be successful right? Right? Please say right!.........Whew, thanks.

I know I am still lacking pictures but I'm working on it.

Tata all!


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